Malaysia Scholarship of MTCP

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Financial Advantage

Supporting Text (span) Supporting Text (span) 4. Rental Housing Allowance 5. Stipend of RM3,500 Monthly 6. Health Claims 7. End-of-Study Compensation 3. Budget for books 2. Travel Support (Air Tickets) 1. Cost-of-Living Compensation

Required Documents

2. Application form. 

3. Copy of the Academic Transcript

4. English Language Proficiency tests

5. Endorsement from MTCP Scholarship

6. Medical examination form

1. Copy of the Passport

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More Details:

2. Offered by: Ministry of Education, Malaysia

3. Course Level: Masters

1. Country: Malaysia

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It has helped more than 34,500 people from 144 developing countries since its inception in 1980.

Subjects of Study

→ And Many More...

→ Political science and international relations

→ Humanities and Social Sciences

→ Banking, Management, and Economics

→ Engineering, Technology, and Science

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How to Apply ?

Easy to apply online by going on their official website. The method to Apply is given in the link below. Click Here to Apply Now ↓

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Students may belong to any country but must be able to demonstrate their capability in written or spoken English.


The Last Date To Apply is 16th July 2022. Click the Link Below to Apply.

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