How to Find Scholarships on Naviance

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be writing about one of the most important topics for college applicants finding scholarships! As you all know, scholarships can play a huge role in making your college dreams a reality, but the process of finding and applying for scholarships can be overwhelming.

However, I have some great news for you! You can make this process a lot easier by using a tool that many schools already have access to – Naviance! In this article, I will be showing you how to find scholarships on Naviance, so that you can get a head start on the competition and secure the funding you need for college. Let’s get started!

How to Find Scholarships on Naviance

Finally, let’s talk about Naviance. Naviance is a college and career readiness platform that can help you plan for your future, including your scholarship search. Naviance is a comprehensive resource that can help you discover, apply for, and track scholarships, as well as connect you with colleges, career paths, and more.

To Access Naviance To get started with Naviance, you’ll need to log in to the platform ( If you’re a student, your school or district should have provided you with a username and password. If you need assistance logging in, contact your school’s guidance counselor or Naviance support team.

Once you’re logged in, you can start navigating the platform. On the home page, you’ll see a menu with a variety of options, including “Scholarships.” Click on this option to access the scholarship search and application tools.

Search for Scholarships Once you’re in the Scholarships section of Naviance, you’ll see a list of available scholarships. You can scroll through this list to find scholarships that match your interests, achievements, and background.

To make your search more efficient, you can use the filters on the right side of the page to narrow down your results. For example, you can filter by location, application deadline, GPA requirement, and more. This can help you quickly find scholarships that are a good fit for you.

When you find a scholarship you’re interested in, click on the scholarship’s name to read more about it. You can also start the application process directly from this page. The application process will vary depending on the scholarship, but you can usually upload supporting materials, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and essays.

It’s important to keep track of your scholarship applications, especially as the deadlines approach. Naviance can help you do this by allowing you to save and track your applications. Once you’ve submitted an application, it will appear in your “My Scholarships” section, where you can keep track of the status of each application and any next steps you need to take.

List Of Some Available Scholarships

This list will save you time from random searches

ICBC Scholarship$1000 scholarship for students ages 17-21 that are residents of the US or Canada.  A student can be enrolled or intend to enroll in a course for the study fall semester of 2011. 
2011 Northeast Ohio Scholarship$450.00 for African American seniors with a GPA >2.5.  Due: April 1. (See Dr. Grob for application).
ACT Poster ContestDesign a poster to encourage students to attend college and take the ACT.
Alpha Omega Foundationis Available to students with GPA >2.5. (See Dr. Grob for application).
Alpha Psi ScholarshipAwards based on GPA (>2.5), and essay. (See Dr. Grob for application).
Anne and Allegra Ford Scholarship for LDScholarship opportunity for students with learning disabilities.
AXA Achievement Community ScholarshipScholarship opportunity for students with integrity.
Ayn Rand Essay ContestsEssay Contests/Scholarship Opportunities for grades 8-12, with essays due in.  Awards up to $10,000.
B. & D.J. Brinson Scholarship$1500.00 for students interested in a career in public education.  (see Dr. Grob for application)
Best Buy ScholarshipsBest Buy will award 1,200 students a $1,000 scholarship to students in grades 9 through 12 who plan to attend a post-secondary institution after graduation.
Big Dig Scholarship$3000 scholarship for students currently in high school who submit an essay under 1000 words. and are currently in high school or in their first two years of college/university.
Bill & Melinda Gates ScholarshipsPurpose is to provide outstanding African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, and Hispanic American students with an opportunity to pursue a college education.
BioOhio Scholarship$1300. For students interested in the study of bioscience. 
Brown Mackie College President’s  ScholarshipScholarships for students looking for educational opportunities in business, healthcare, legal studies, and computer technology. 
Burger King Scholars ProgramScholarship Opportunities for all high school seniors and employees of BK – Type SCHOLARSHIP into the site search line.
Buick Achievers Scholarship ProgramUp to $25,000. For students interested in science, technology, engineering, math, business administration, finance, marketing, or design.
Cardinal Community Credit Union ScholarshipFor members of the credit union.
Cargill Community Scholarship$1000. Awards are based on achievement and financial need. Due Feb. 15
Carl B. Stokes ScholarshipDue: April 30 (See Dr. Grob for application)
Cavaliers and First Merit Scholarship ProgramThe Cavaliers and FirstMerit Bank will award 10 Northeast Ohio high school seniors with $2,000 college scholarships. Graduating seniors must submit a 500-word essay, perform a high level of service in their communities and provide a high school transcript, ACT and/or SAT scores, and one letter of recommendation. Due: Feb. 14, 2011
Cavaliers and Majestic Steel Scholarship ProgramCavaliers/Majestic Steel Scholarship Program will award six students $2,000.00 scholarships for the manufacturing programs at any one of the three local community colleges (Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College or Lorain Community College). Due: March 5
CBS Charities ScholarshipAwarded to candidates based upon financial need, academics, and character.  Candidates must have >3.0 GPA.  Due May 31 (See Dr. Grob for application)
Center for Student Opportunities$2000.00 four-year renewable scholarship awarded to first-generation college students. Due May 27.
Cleveland Browns Marion Motley ScholarshipTwo students with career goals including working for a professional sports organization in a variety of capacities will be selected to receive a four-year renewable college scholarship of $2,500 per year. Due: Oct. 23.
Cleveland Custodians Union Local 777

Scholarship Award

$1000.00 per year for four years.  Attend CMSD with a GPA between 2.0 and 3.0.  Due: April 15 (see Dr. Grob for application)
Cleveland Touchdown ClubMemorial Scholarship.  Due:  March 11
Cleveland Foundation Scholarship OpportunitiesMultiple scholarship opportunities.  Due:  March 15
Curtis Wilson ScholarshipTwo $1500.00 scholarships awarded to students who will attend Cleveland State, have financial needs and have a GPA>2.5. Due: April 15 (See Dr. Grob for application).
D.A.W.N. ScholarshipAwarded to students with financial need and GPA >3.75. .  Due May 16(See Dr. Grob for application)
CocaCola ScholarshipsMinimum 3.0 GPA. 
College Club of ClevelandScholarships for CMSD students. Due:  March 1.
Continental Building Systems$$ for graduating seniors.  Due: May 31, 2023 (See Dr. Grob for application)
CVS ScholarshipScholarship Opportunities through CVS.  Due:  TBA
Delta Sigma Theta SororityAwards based on financial need, GPA, community service, and extra-curricular activities.  Due: March 1 (See Dr. Grob for application)
Dial My Dentist Scholarship Program$1000 scholarship available to students between the ages of 16 and 21 attending College or University full-time in fall 2013. Due:  May 6, 2013,
Discover ScholarshipsFor high school JUNIORS; minimum 2.75 GPA, community service/leadership, has faced challenges. Due:  Jan. 31
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday ScholarshipStudents grades 9-12 with GPA > 2.5 create a birthday card for Dr. King using the title “Happy 82nd Birthday Dr. King?”  $250.00 scholarship and two tickets for the breakfast.
Dr. Seuss Scholarship“Oh The Places You’ll Go!” Scholarship Program. $5,000 Award. Due:  Jan. 15
Emma Jones ScholarshipFor seniors with a GPA > 3.0 and an interest in media, business, computer science, engineering, or technology.  Due: March 18
Garrett Morgan Cleveland Public  School Scholarship$1000.00 award to students with good academic standing and best essay.  Due:  March 11  (See Dr. Grob for application)
GCC/ORTA Scholarship$500.00 for a graduating senior from John Hay! Due April 25, (See Dr. Grob for application)
Greater Cleveland Chapter Ohio Retired Teachers Association$500.00 award to a John Hay graduating senior.  Due: April 25 (See Dr. Grob for application)
Heal the Payne Scholarship$250.00 for one senior pursuing a career in nursing or education.  Due: April 16 (See Dr. Grob for application).
Healthy Lifestyles Scholarship$5000 scholarship is open to high school students or first-year college students. To be eligible, you must be under 25 years of age and answer both of the essay questions. Due:  April 30, 2011,
Home Depot Trade ScholarshipFor students who will study at building and construction trade schools.

Due:  TBA

Jane E. Hunter ScholarshipAvailable only to females from Ohio & South Carolina • Must have GPA of at least 2.5 • Female must have financial need. Due:  May 3. (See Dr. Grob for details.)
James Kura Memorial Scholarship$1000.00 for winning essays concerning gun control.  Due: April 1 (See Dr. Grob for application).
JFK Essay Contest AllianceJFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest  Due:  Jan. 10.
John Hay High School AlumniAvailable to John Hay seniors with GPA>2.5.  Due May 5 (See Dr. Grob for application)
Junior Achievement ScholarshipFor grades and essay.  Due May 13(See Dr. Grob for details.)
Kappa Alpha Psi FraternityHigh school seniors with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  Due April 1.  (See Dr. Grob for application).
Lake County Medical Alliance$1000 for students interested in a health-related field. Due: March 25
Lakeland Community CollegeTwo scholarships for students attending Lakeland Community College.
Maltz Museum of Jewish HeritageScholarship Essay Contest for grades 6-12.
Mayor Jackson 2011 Scholarship$2000.00 scholarship for students interested in attending Levin College at CSU. Due: April 29
McDonalds ScholarshipScholarships for students in financial need who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership, and community involvement. Due:  Jan. 28
NAACP ScholarshipsGo to the website for various scholarship opportunities.
National Co-Op Scholarship Program155 merit scholarships totaling $4,000,000.00. Due:  Feb. 15
National Television AcademyThe Cleveland Chapter of the National Television Academy is offering two $2,000 scholarships to graduating seniors planning to attend a four-year college. Due: Feb. 15.
NCFO (CMSD Local 277)$1000.00 per year for four years for CMSD students with GPAs between 2.0 and 3.0 with >85% attendance. Due April 15.  (See Dr. Grob for applications)
Ohio Association of Career Colleges and SchoolsThe Ohio Council of Private Colleges and Schools will award 23 one-half tuitions, 9 full-tuition, and 81 specific amount scholarships through Ohio’s career colleges and schools. Due: March 28.
Ohio University Women’s Club ScholarshipUnweighted GPA > 3.5.  Due Feb. 14
Prince Hall Scholarship FoundationAwards are based on academic achievement, financial need, motivation, and leadership ability.  Due May 30, (See Dr. Grob for application)
Prudential Spirit of Community AwardU.S. residents, grades 5-12 who have engaged in volunteer activities after Sept. 1, 2010.  $1000.00 and a trip to Washington D.C. Complete the online application. 
Race for Education ScholarshipsFor students interested in equine-related or agricultural studies.

Due:  Feb. 28.

Ron Brown ScholarshipsScholarship opportunities for African-American high school seniors.
Rudolph and Grete Trenkel Scholarship$1250.00 for four years. Due: Feb. 28.
SAMMY ScholarshipsFor high school senior student-athletes. Due:  March 4
Seamon Garson Essay Contest$7500. To essay contest winners.  Due:  Feb. 14
S.S. Scholarship Program$1000 scholarship is available to any student that is 21 years or under, as of June 1, 2011.  Due:  June 1, 2011.
Strong Men & Women:  Excellence in LeadershipJunior and senior writing contest.  Winners receive a laptop computer and their schools receive $1000. Award.  Due:  Nov. 9
Target ScholarshipScholarship Opportunities through Target. Due:  TBA
TruFit Good Citizen ScholarshipUp to $7500 for seniors whose volunteer efforts have made a difference in their communities. 
Superintendent’s Award$$ for one or more CMSD seniors. Due: April 15, 2011 (See Dr. Grob for application)
UNCF ScholarshipsClick on available scholarships for details.
United We Dance$500.00 award to one Ohio senior. Due: April 1, 2011 (See Dr. Grob for application)
University of Toledo – Levis Leadership Scholarship$1,000 scholarship to students who have a demonstrated potential

for leadership exhibited through high school honors, activities, GPA,

extra-curricular activities, essays, and letter of recommendation.

Due: Feb. 18.

WalMart ScholarshipsScholarship Opportunities through WalMart – Click on Education.

Due:  Jan. 31

Wm. D. Squires ScholarshipMust have EFC less than $8,000, min 3.2 GPA. Due:  April 4
Willa Stephens Carpenter Scholarship$1000.00 for a senior who has demonstrated leadership and academic success.  Due:  April 24
Young American Artists Tribute ScholarshipMust be majoring in art. Due:  TBA
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.Book scholarship for women seniors.  Due: March 31 (See Dr. Grob for application).



In conclusion, Naviance is a valuable tool for students seeking scholarships. With its comprehensive database, filtering options, and ability to track and save applications, students can streamline their scholarship search and increase their chances of securing funding for their education.

Start early, be organized, tailor your applications, and utilize the resources available to you, including Naviance and other sources of scholarship information. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of finding and securing the scholarships you need to fund your education.

In addition to Naviance, there are many other resources available to help you find scholarships. This list includes websites, organizations, and other resources that can provide you with information and support.

I hope this information has been helpful as you begin your scholarship search. Good luck, and don’t hesitate to reach out for additional support as you work toward funding your education!

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