LPI Internship in the United States 2022 | Fully-Funded


Now Interested candidates can apply for LPI Summer Internship in United States 2022. This is a fully-funded internship. This Internship will be held in Houston. Globally students are invited to apply for LPI Internship in the United States. Its duration time is 10 weeks. There is no application fee to apply for an Internship in the United States 2022. You will not require any English proficiency test exam so, you don’t need to worry about that.

If you’re Studying some major subjects like Computer science, Mathematics, Physics, Nural Science, and Engineering you will be preferred, But you will be considered. The above fields are preferred but not compulsory. You can apply if you’re from any other program. The Lunar and Planetary are conducting a Fully Funded Internship in the USA.


All candidates will be selected on the basis of Field background, Academic Excellence, and scientific Interest. LPI Internship includes lectures, career development workshops, enrichment activities, etc. Only Undergraduate students are able to apply for LPI Internships in the United States. You can check the following details for more information:

Details about LPI Internship in United States 2022

Hosted Country: Houston, USA

Duration: 10 weeks ( From 7 June 2022 to 13 August 2022)

Financial Coverage: Fully-Funded

Last Date to Apply: You Can apply before March 2022

Eligible Internship Fields

The following fields are eligible to apply for Internship:

  • Physics or Nural networks
  • Computer science:
  • Mathematics is preferred
  • Engineering
  • Moreover, all Eligible students will be considered.

Benefits of the LPI Internship 2022

As the LPI Summer internship is fully funded, so it will cover all following expenses:

  1. All Selected candidates will get a stipend worth $7,300 which will cover all program-associated costs.
  2. Economy class Air tickets will be provided to selected candidates.
  3. Up to $500 travel expenses will be provided.
  4. Interns will get Housing and living expenses that will be covered in LPI Internship2022.
  5. All those interns who applied and accepted abstarct to the Lunar and planetary Science conference as afirst author will get an additional financial support from LPI Internship.

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Eligibility Criteria of LPI Internship in United States

  • All Internation and Domestic Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for LPi Internship in United States.
  • All Feild’s students may apply but Mention fields above will be prioritized.
  • Both Male/females are eligible it doesn’t matter what age they have.
  • You Don’t need any IELTS/TOEFL just need an English certificate from your University/College/Institute English Professors.

How to be selected?

You will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Curriculum, Scholarship, and experince
  • Match of candidate interest with avaliable research projects.
  • specific intrest and career bjectives.

How to apply?

The LPI Internship application process is fully online. With all supporting documents, you need to apply online application by following the below link. Here is the official link to the website.

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