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IU university was founded in 1998 as the first german university that focused on distance learning. This university crossed up to 70,000 students which makes it one of the largest universities in Germany. This is due to their focus on the career of students, practical courses, and a huge number of scholarships up to 80%. this thing attracts the attention of students from across the world. A scholarship at IU University is an opportunity for those students who want to continue their studies.

IU is one of those top universities that care there students’ education in every situation. University takes lectures on campuses as well as online. this thing attracts the attraction of those students who really want to build their future.

In online courses, they offer you two types of models; full-time models and part-time models. It’s your choice on your need whatever you choose. Recently they introduced on-campus lectures. Where you can join your teachers closely they can help you more any answering your questions. You can work in small groups to learn more from your senior fellows. These lectures you can attend at Berlin or Bad Honnef campus of IU two or three days per week.

Furthermore, one more thing which’s the best in IU University, Lectures are recorded you can watch them any time anywhere. in spear time you can explore Germany, their civilization and know more about Europe. You can participate in career fairs, alumni talks and start your successful career in Europe with confidence.

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Extra Degrees

IU university’s mission is to promote education in the next leave, that’s why the university has started its initiative to help prospective students and provide them with English skills. They will not receive any extra money for tests such as TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate, and IELTS. in Speexx program you can get this offer after signing up.

You can visit their website for further information. Also, you can take this course part-time with your study. usually, it takes 3 months to get complete.

Scholarship at IU University Eligiable for Countries

The countries and cities in which English is an Educational Language, they are giving them more opportunities to continue their study. if you want to get a Scholarship at IU University, you should belong to the following countries and cities. The list of All eligible countries for the International English Language Testing System ( IELTS) is HERE…

How to apply for Scholarship at IU University

  • Visit IELTS’s website, fill the form and submit the application online.
  • Discuss scholarship opportunities on the basis of your working and Academic experience with your study advisor.

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